Community Welfare
Last Updated On Feb 12 2017 6:18PM
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The Consulate General of India, Jeddah has Consular jurisdiction over the Western and South Western regions of Saudi Arabia which include major cities like Jeddah, Makkah, Al Baha, Abha / Khamis Mushyat, Jizan, Madinah, Najran, Tabuk, Taif and Yanbu.  These cities and their suburbs have a large number of Indian expatriates estimated about a million.


Most of these Indians are either semi-skilled or unskilled workers. Indian expatriates living in Saudi Arabia, from the point of view of their employment and social status can be divided into three categories:

      (i)  Professionally qualified (5%)- i.e. Doctors, Engineers,Chartered Accountants, Managers etc.  They are employed both with the government and private sectors on the basis of a specific time bound contracts.

     (ii) Non-professionals (10%)- white collar staff i.e. Clerks,   Accountants, Store Keepers, Booking Clerks, Secretaries etc.

     (iii) Labourers/Technicians (85%) – working on projects sites,Industrial establishments and on operation and maintenance jobs. 

According to rough estimates  2 million Indian community in Saudi Arabia consists of 40-50% from Kerala, 20% from Tamil Nadu, 20% from Andhra Pradesh and remaining from other states.

The Community Welfare Wing plays the role of a coordinator and facilitator by providing counseling, guidance and machinery for the redressing l of grievances in a foreign environment. The services cover a wide canvass of welfare measures that inter-alia, include authentication and verification of employment contracts, settling disputes regarding contractual violations. In addition, assistance is also provided to pursue claims with regard to compensation due to workers, relating to termination benefits as also on account of accidental or other deaths.

In case of an emergency, officials from Community Welfare Wing can be contact on mobile No:  0556122301