Advisory for Umrah Pilgrims
Last Updated On Jun 29 2017 5:54PM
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Consulate General of India Jeddah
For obtaining No Objection Certificate for local burial in Makkah and Madinah, issued by the Indian Haj Pilgrims’ Office, especially to cater to the requirement of the Haj and Umrah pilgrims, the following officials may be contacted:
Place. Name Mobile/Telephone Number Office
Makkah Mohammad Yunus Khan 0508783116 / +966-012-5603580 Indian Haj Pilgrims’ office, Makkah
Madinah   0505654701 / +966-014-8380025 Indian Haj Pilgrims’ office, Madinah


          All pilgrims/persons coming to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are advised to observe following precautions:

(i)  Pilgrims should travel only through approved PTOs (Private Tour Operator) for Umrah.   Details of the authorized travel agents in India are available at the website of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in India at and also on the Saudi Ministry of Haj website  

(ii)  Every tour operator in India is linked to an Umrah company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The name of the company will be mentioned on the page of Umrah Visa in the pilgrim’s passport.  The Umrah visitors are advised to keep the details of the company with them.  These details are also available on the website of the Ministry of Haj, Saudi Arabia.
(iii)  For any complaints relating to the tour operator, a direct complaint can be lodge with Saudi authorities, whose details are;
Makkah Al-Mukarramah Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah
Mr. Sayed Bin Jameel Eid
Manager, Service Follow-up
Branch Ministry of Haj
PO Box No. 268, Makkah
Tel: 012-5308200 Ext. 1218
Fax: 5307787
Branch of the Ministry of Hajj (Rusaifah)
Tel: 012-5308200)
Branch of the Ministry of Hajj (Misfalah)
Tel: 012-5303833)
Branch of the Ministry of Hajj (Ajyad)
Tel: 012-57491063)
Mr. Badi Khaleel
Umrah In-charge
Office of Haj Ministry
Aziziyah, Madinah
Tel: 014-8226108.
Wazaratul Haj (Haj Office)
In Front of Haram
Between Gate No. 21 & 22
(Opposite Hammam No. 10)
(iv)In case of any problem, you may approach Consulate General of India/Indian Haj Pilgrims’ Office, Makkah/Madinah at the following addresses;
Name of the Office Address Tel/Fax No.
Consulate General of India,  Jeddah Building of Mr. Mansoor Abdul Rahman al Hueesh, Villa No., 34, (Behind National commercial bank) Near Al Huda Mosque, Tahlia Street, Jeddah  
Indian Haj Pilgrims’ Office Makkah Opp: Qisla Parking, Jarwal, Makkah 012-5603580
Indian, Haj Pilgrims’ Office, Madinah Behind Enjaz Bank, Siteen St, Madinah 014-8380025
(v) Never carry drugs, narcotics, Khas-khas (posta poppy seeds) or any such items which are banned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Last year, 8 persons were arrested for carrying khas-khas.

(vi)Be careful while travelling by taxis. Avoid travelling alone in taxis and always try to note the Taxi Registration number. Do not sit in any private vehicle on other’s insistence.

(vii)Women should only travel with the Mehram and should not go out alone. While travelling with women by taxi, the men should be the first to board and the last to alight from the taxi. They should not leave women in the taxi.

(viii)Never take obligation from unknown persons as this, at times, has resulted in people being cheated after gaining their confidence.

(ix)Never leave baggage out of sight and do not carry anything given by strangers without properly checking the contents.

(x)Carry minimum cash and valuables while visiting Holy Haram or other crowded places.

(xi)Never pick up anything lying in or around Haram Sharief as CCTV cameras are installed in Haram Sharief. Picking up items that do not belong to oneself could result in arrest.

(xii)Always keep your belongings with you in Haram Sharief.

(xiii)Do not be trapped in fraudulent mobile messages/calls.

(xiv)Umrah pilgrims are advised not to take obligation from unknown persons as this, at times, has resulted in people being cheated after gaining their confidence.

(xv)Keep a photocopy of your passport, other important documents with you.

 (xvi)In case of loss/theft of money/ belongings, Umrah pilgrims may contact Indian Haj Office in Makkah/Madinah.

(xvii)In case of death of Umrah pilgrim, representative of the tour company/ relative/ co-pilgrim of the deceased pilgrim may approach Indian Consulate in Jeddah or Indian Haj Office in Makkah/Madinah with the following documents for issue of ‘No Objection Certificate’ for local burial/transportation of the mortal remains to India as per wishes of the family:
          a). Copy of death report/death certificate/medical report with English translation.
          b). Copy of police report with English translation (in case of unnatural death).
          c). Consent letter from family in India for local burial/transportation of mortal remains to India (duly attested by a Notary) with Arabic translation.
          d). Copy of Passport of the deceased.

xviii   The details of the Umrah Service Providers in Saudi Arabia can be seen at the website of Saudi Ministry of Haj  at  and