Haj Policy for Haj - 2013 - 2017
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Hajj Policy for Hajj- 2013-2017

I. Division of Hajj
Seats    between
Government of India (GOI) and the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia (KSA) sign a Hajj Agreement every year in which the
number of hajj seats allocated to India is incorporated. The
bilateral meeting held on March 16, 2013 had specified
170,025 seats for India for Hajj 2013 with 125,025 seats for
Hajj Committee of India (HCOI) and 45,000 for Private Tour
Operators (PTOs).
II. Once in a Life
Time        Hajj
through HCOI
Those who have performed Hajj earlier through HCOI will
not be eligible to apply.
In the case of “Mehrams” for lady pilgrims and of
companions accompanying pilgrims over 70 years of age,
repeaters will be allowed on payment of full air fare
(without travel subsidy).
A lady pilgrim utilizing the service of a Repeater as
“Mehram” must give an affidavit to the effect that no first
time “Mehram” is available in the family. The 70+ pilgrim
also must give a similar affidavit in support of his/her
accompanying pilgrim.
III. Availability of
Hajj Application
Forms (HAFs)
The Hajj Application Forms (HAFs) can be obtained from
the State/Union Territory Hajj Committee free of cost or can
be downloaded from the websitewww.hajcommittee.com.
Photo copies can also be used.
IV. Eligibility for
Any Muslim citizen of India can apply for Hajj Pilgrimage
a) Persons not in possession of valid International Passports
as per HCOI guidelines.
b)Ban on Repeaters: A person who has performed Hajj
earlier in his life through HCOI except permitted categories
of Mehrams and those accompanying a 70+ pilgrim on the
basis of appropriate affidavits.
c) Any person found to have furnished false information
and concealed the fact of having performed Hajj earlier
  shall not be allowed to proceed for Hajj. In such cases,
he/she will be disqualified at any stage and off-loaded even
at the Embarkation Point. The entire amount deposited by
him/her shall also be forfeited. Besides, he/she may be
prosecuted for making incorrect/false declaration. This
restriction will apply also for Hajj-e-Badal pilgrims.
d) Persons suffering from Polio, tuberculosis, congestive
cardiac & respiratory ailment, acute coronary insufficiency,
coronary thrombosis, mental disorder, infectious leprosy,
AIDS or any other communicable disability or handicapped.
e) Ladies not accompanied by Sharai Mehram.
f) Ladies in the advanced stage of pregnancy.
g) Persons who are crippled, handicapped, lunatic or
otherwise physically incapacitated or suffering from
amputation of legs.
h) Those who do not have the mental and physical health to
perform the pilgrimage.
i) Those suffering from any disease communicable or
otherwise or disability or mental disorder whatsoever, which
might impede or jeopardize Hajj program.
j) Those person against whom any Court order prohibiting
travel abroad exists.
V. Ladies to be
with        their
The Ministry of Hajj, KSA does not allow the ladies to come
except accompanied with their Mehrams. This requirement
is imposed by the Islamic Shariah and applicable to all
ladies from all countries of the world.
VI. International
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has intimated that Hajj Visa
will be endorsed on valid International Passport only.
Hence, every applicant must have International Passport
issued as per the guidelines issued by HCOI before each
VII.  Application The average size of a cover is three persons (3). Hence,
In Duplicate HCOI has printed Hajj Application set with 6 application
forms for use by a cover size of Three Applicants. If the
cover contains more than three applicants then another set
of application form must be filled and attached together.
The cover head shall make a cover of all the applicants and
submit it to the State/Union Territory Hajj Committee.
Application for each Pilgrim should be filled in duplicate.
The cover head must necessarily be a male adult.
VIII. Cover Size The maximum size of the cover shall be 5 (Five) adults + 2
(two) infants only. The minimum size of cover is one. For
example for 5 adult + 2 infant pilgrims, 14 applications have
to be filled. One set of seven applications is meant for
State/Union Territory Hajj Committee and another set of
seven for HCOI, Mumbai.
Infants:Children who would complete 2 years of age by the
date of arrival of the last inward Hajj Charter Flight which
will be specified by HCOI. Infant travel is not free of cost.
10% of full airfare (decided by Ministry of Civil Aviation) will
be charged which will be communicated in due course.
Child:An Applicant above 2 years of age will be charged as
an adult Pilgrim and full amount of airfare and Hajj Amount
has to be paid by them accordingly.
IX. Composition
of Cover –   only
Family Members
& Near Relatives
A maximum number of five (5) applicants comprising the
family members or near relatives can apply in a single cover.
The head of the cover shall be responsible for payment for
the persons included in the cover. Under no circumstances,
persons other than family and near relatives should be
included in the cover.
It is in the interest of Pilgrims to ensure that only family
members having blood relation or near relatives are
included in the cover. The accommodation status in respect
of all pilgrims under one cover should be the same. In no
case a cover shall be split. In case a few Pilgrims under one
cover intend to pre pone/postpone the date of flight it
would not be permitted. The Pilgrims of the Cover will
  travel together and stay together. If the head of cover
himself cancels his application for Hajj pilgrimage, he
should indicate the name of another person from among
Male Members of such cover, as the head of the particular
cover. If a Male applicant, who is Mehram of the Female
applicant of cover, cancels his application for Hajj
pilgrimage, he must indicate the name of the other
applicant from among the Male Members of the cover as
“Mehram” along with his relation with the female
applicant(s) of that cover. Otherwise application(s) of the
female applicant(s) shall also be treated as cancelled.
Change of Mehram is allowed only in specific cases on
account of death/medical grounds.
X.  Affidavit for
Applicants opting for Reserved Category shall submit an
affidavit in the prescribed format. If the affidavit is not
enclosed or found incomplete or not in the format given,
the Hajj application shall be summarily rejected.
XI. Affidavit for
General Category
In view of the “once in a life time Hajj through HCOI” policy,
all general category pilgrims shall submit an affidavit in the
given format. Affidavit should be in English only. If the
affidavit is not enclosed or found incomplete or not in the
format given, Haj Application shall be summarily rejected.
XII. Order of
While allotting seats of each state, the order of priority will
1) 70+ Category,
2) Forth (4 ) Timers,
3) General Category
XIII. Reserved
Keeping in view the continuously increasing number of Hajj
Applications every year in general and particularly under
Reserved Categories, HCOI has decided that Hajj 2012
onwards, Reserved Category status shall be given only to
applicants (including companions) who have not performed
Hajj in their entire life time either through HCOI or a private
tour operator or any other means. This applies to A & B
categories mentioned below.
In case more Hajj application are received in any reserved
Category than the allotted quota of their State/UT, a Qurrah
  (draw of lots) will be conducted among the Reserved
Categories as per the principles laid down under the Qurrah
section. In such a situation, an applicant can not claim
Reserved Category status as a matter of right.
The Reserved Category applicants shall submit an affidavit
in the given format (in English only) on Rs.10/- stamp paper
duly notarized. Categories A & B will be registered finally
under reserved category for Hajj only after verification by
SHC/UTHC and HCOI of the details and documents etc
furnished by the applicant.
XIV. Reserved
Category A – 70+
Important Note  : In view of the hardships faced by the single
70+ pilgrims in KSA during Hajj, HCOI has decided that
companion is a must for 70+ pilgrims and no 70+ pilgrim
will be registered as a lone member under reserved
The Pilgrims of 70 years and above will be registered under
Reserved Category, subject to the following conditions:-
(a) Applicant who completes 70 years or more as on the
specified date.
(b) One companion is a must for 70+ pilgrims and no 70+
pilgrim alone will be registered under reserved category.
(c) Only one companion is allowed who should be
immediate relative namely Husband / Wife / Brother / Sister
/ Son/ Daughter / Son-in-law / Daughter-in-law, Grand Son
/ Grand Daughter and Nephew / Niece. No other relation
will be allowed to travel as companion.
Neither the 70+ pilgrim nor the companion will be allowed
to travel alone.
XV. Reserved
Category- B – 4
Time Applicants
The applications of those pilgrims whose application have
been rejected continuously for the last three (3) years or
who could not proceed for Hajj during those three years,
will be registered under the reserved category.
  In order to get the benefit of this scheme during Hajj of any
year, the applicant along with co-pilgrims must indicate the
cover number of the last three years (without which the
application will be treated as fresh cover) under this
category in the relevant column.
The applicants who have been applying continuously since
last three years will be registered under reserved category
provided they apply for Hajj (without including any fresh
XVI. Quota The Quota of HCOI and Government Quota are fixed in
advance. After deducting the Government Reserved Quota
of the year, remaining seats are distributed among 35
States/Union Territories proportionate to the Muslim
Population as per latest census figures.
Government Quota can be released only to those pilgrims
who have participated in the “Qurrah” but have not been
successful and possess a cover number as proof of
participation in the Qurrah.
Important Note  : If the number of HAFs received by the
State/Union Territory Hajj Committee is less than the Quota,
such excess quota shall stand surrendered to the HCOI, to
be redistributed among the State/UTs with applications in
excess of Quota allotted to them, proportionate to their
Muslim population.
XVII. Qurrah Computerized draw of lots shall be conducted in the
State/UT (which receives Hajj Applications in excess of the
allocated quota) to provisionally select Pilgrims under the
supervision of HCOI. The date of Qurrah and other details
shall be intimated by the concerned State/UT Hajj
Committee   through   press/electronic   media.   The
provisionally selected Pilgrims shall be intimated of their
selection by the State/UT Hajj Committee. All State/UT Hajj
Committees are advised to publish the list of selected
pilgrims in local news paper and electronic media widely
immediately after Qurrah. They may also use other faster
  means of communications available like SMS alert etc.
XVIII. Principles
of Qurrah (Draw
of Lots)
The order of priority for confirming the seats in a state is as
1) 70+ Category,
2) Fourth (4 ) Timers,
3) General Category.
(a) If the applications under the Reserved Category are
more than the quota of the State, then the qurrah will be
held within the Reserved category as per the condition
(i) First preference among the Reserved Category will be
given to the pilgrims of 70+ Category. After exhaustion of
70+ Category the qurrah will be conducted State wise
amongst fourth (4 ) time applicants for the remaining
(ii) The remaining applicants of Reserved Category (Fourth
timers) will be put under Reserved Waiting list (RWL).
(iii) The General waiting list (GWL) will be prepared for all
the left out General category pilgrims by computerized
draw of lots State wise.
(iv) In case there will be two waiting lists viz. RWL and GWL,
the applicants from RWL will be given confirmed status first
followed by GWL against any future available seats. If any
RWL pilgrims remain to be confirmed for want of seats in
any Hajj year, they will be given confirmed status in ensuing
Hajj, if they apply for Hajj during that year also.
(v) If applications of 70+ category are received more than
the quota, then Qurrah will be conducted State wise
amongst the 70+ category and remaining applications of
70+ category will be put under 1 RWL. The Fourth time
applicants will be put under 2  RWL & other general
category applicants will be put under General Waiting-list
  i.e. GWL by conducting Qurrah separately.
b) If the applications under Reserved Category are less than
the quota, after allotting seats to both the Reserved
Categories, Qurrah will be conducted amongst General
category for the remaining quota and the rest will be put
under GWL as mentioned below.
c) If the applications under Reserved Category are equal to
the quota of a particular State, the entire quota will be
utilized for both the Reserved categories and all other
general category applications will be put under General
Waiting-list (GWL) as mentioned below.
XIX. Government
GOI will retain 500 seats under Government discretionary
quota comprising:
1) 200 seats for HCOI
2) 300 for GOI :
(a) Hon’ble President                  100
(b) Hon’ble Prime Minister              75
(c) Hon’ble Vice-President              75
(d) Hon’ble External Affairs Minister      50
Government Quota can be released only to those pilgrims
who have participated in the “Qurrah” but have not been
successful and possess a cover number as proof of
participation in the Qurrah.
XX. General Wait
A separate Qurrah (draw of lost) of non selected covers shall
be held State-wise/UT-wise in the State/UT which receives
Hajj applications in excess of their quota to allocate wait list
number to all such covers. The confirmation of seats in
respect of wait listed pilgrims shall be communicated by the
respective State/UT Hajj Committee as and when vacancy
arises due to cancellation of journey by the selected
pilgrims. If the selected pilgrim wants to cancel the journey
  on any ground he should submit a cancellation letter to
concerned State/UT Hajj Committee. The State/UT Hajj
Committee should mark the cancellation and select the wait
listed pilgrim as per serial number on the basis of first
cancelled seat to the first wait list applicant. No jumping of
the wait list shall be allowed.Once cancellation is marked,
it will not be revoked on any ground.The wait-listed
pilgrims should remain in touch with HCOI, State/UT Hajj
Committee about factual position of their seats.
XXI. Rules of
Cancellations and
Cancellations only on the ground of death or serious
ailment of the person concerned will be allowed. In case of
Cancellation on any other ground, specific penalties will be
imposed as per guidelines and amendments thereto by
XXII. Payments by
All provisionally selected pilgrims will be allotted a unique
bank reference number which must be quoted compulsorily
for depositing advance and balance Haj Amount in the
State bank of India through core banking system.
If the selected pilgrim wants to cancel the journey on any
ground he should submit a cancellation letter to concerned
State/UT Hajj Committee. If the applicant fails to submit
either passport or payment or both within the due dates,
the selection of the pilgrim will be summarily cancelled.
As per Saudi Regulations, accommodation has to be
arranged for the Pilgrims in advance through the Consulate
General of India, Jeddah. The approach to majority of
buildings is through elevated roads due to the topography
of Makkah. The space entitlement per Pilgrim is 4 sq.
meters. There are two Categories of accommodation in
  Makkah, depending upon distance from the outer periphery
of Haram Sharief. The Pilgrims are required to indicate their
option in the Hajj Application Form. The option once
exercised shall be final and irrevocable. In case of non-
availability of accommodation units in specified categories
as per demand, alternative category of accommodation
shall be allotted.
XXV. Qurrah for
The allotment of accommodation will depend upon the
availability of units in a particular category. In case there are
more applications for a particular category than the units
available, allotment shall be made through Qurrah on the
basis of actual availability. Preference will be given to 70+
pilgrims (along with companion) first.
XXVI. Medical
Screening and
Fitness Certificate
for every
Medical check-up report of the pilgrims is mandatory. In
order to ensure that only healthy pilgrims proceed for Hajj,
a two step medical screening has been introduced one at
the application stage (on the reverse of the Hajj application)
and another of the selected pilgrims at the Embarkation
stage. Every applicant should fill in the medical history, get
examined and obtain Medical Screening and Fitness
Certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner preferably
allopathic / Government Doctor on the reverse of his/her
Hajj Application.
XXVII. Health and
Training (Hat)
Card for Selected
Pilgrims only
Every selected pilgrim shall obtain Health and Training
(HAT) Card and Hajj Guide from the State/Union Territory
Hajj Committee upon submission of passport and pay-in-
slip for advance Haj amount.
All selected Pilgrims (2 years above pilgrims) are required to
possess a certificate of inoculation of single dose of
Inoculation of
Meningitis /
cerebrospinal Meningitis vaccine. Pilgrims, therefore, must
get themselves inoculated against Meningitis and obtain
vaccination certificate on the Health and Training (HAT)
Card before proceeding for the Embarkation Point. The
certificate should be signed by District Health Officer.
Incomplete and bogus certificates shall not be entertained.
Arrangements are made every year at the Hajj House for
inoculation and issue of the certificate to individual Pilgrims
after getting them examined by the Medical Officer.
Similarly, the State/UT Hajj Committee and District
Administration make such arrangements for inoculation of
the Pilgrims in their respective State/UTs throughout the
XXIX. Oral Polio
It is mandatory to give Oral Polio Vaccine to all pilgrims six
weeks before start of the Hajj journey and obtain the Oral
Polio Vaccine certificate from the concerned health
authorities on the Health and Training (HAT) Card. They will
be given another dose of Oral Polio Vaccine at the time of
their disembarkation in the Kingdom.
Embarkation Point is decided on the basis of present
residential address given in the Hajj Application Form and
not on the address mentioned in the passport. The Pilgrims
are compulsorily required to travel from their natural zone-
wise Embarkation Points as given below. No change of
Embarkation Point is permitted. Embarkation Point will also
be the Disembarkation point for the return journey.
1.Ahmedabad,  2.Aurangabad,  3.Bangaluru,  4.Bhopal,
5.Calicut,   6.Chennai,   7.Gaya,   8.Guwahati,   9.Goa,
10.Hyderabad,    11.Indore,     12.Jaipur,   13.Kolkata,
14.Lucknow,   15.Mangalore,   16.Mumbai,   17.Nagpur,
18.New Delhi, 19.Ranchi, 20.Srinagar, 21.Varanasi.
XXXI. Duration of
Stay in the
Kingdom of Saudi
The duration of stay of pilgrims may be 30 to 40 days and
may vary as per schedule provided by the airlines and
approved by General Authority of Civil Aviation, Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia. Accommodation units in Makkah Mukarramah
are hired for the entire Hajj season. Buildings are not hired
on daily rental basis. The rate charged is for the entire Hajj
season irrespective of the duration of stay. Hence all
pilgrims are charged uniformly. Therefore, no Pilgrim is
entitled for any refund based on the duration of stay.
XXXII. In Case of
In case of death, due to natural causes or accident during
the Hajj period, burial rituals may be performed as per
prevailing practice in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The original
Death Certificate is directly, sent to next of kin of deceased
Pilgrim by Consulate General of India (CGI), Jeddah, after
completion of Hajj season.
Status of the
Haj Committee of India, constituted under the Act of
Parliament (No.35 of 2002) renders service to Pilgrims
without any consideration. HCOI works on “no profit no
loss” basis. It collects from Pilgrims the exact amount
required for payment of various facilities and services to the
concerned agencies. Nothing extra is being charged from
the pilgrims except the Miscellaneous dues towards
Administrative Expenses including dues of the State/UT Hajj
Committees as provided in the Guidelines. HCOI, as such,
does not come under the purview of Consumer Protection
Act, 1986. The Pilgrims, therefore, cannot claim any
compensation against HCOI under Consumer Protection Act
or under any other law for the time being in force for any
deficiency in the service rendered and/or any act of
commission and/or omission beyond the control of HCOI.
XXXIV. Khadim-
Ministry of External Affairs sets apart 417 seats to send
Khadim-ul-Hujjaj from all States/ UTs in the ratio of 1:300
pilgrims to help and assist the Consulate General of India in
Jeddah in looking after the welfare of Indian Hajj pilgrims in
an organized manner. The KH should be Government
servants (selected by the SHC/UTHCs as per the norms laid
down by the MEA) approved by the MEA.
The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India vide its judgment
dated 16.4.2012 has barred all the Courts / Authorities from
interfering with the process of Haj.